Cloud Service Providers (CSP's)

INFO TECH CORPORATION OF GOA LTD (ITG), an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, has been set up by the Government of Goa to promote overall growth of the State's economy through the use of Information Technology. ITG under the administrative control of Department of Information Technology has been providing various IT services to Government Departments/ Institutions/ Organizations in the State of Goa to realize goals of the Digital India Mission by assisting them to setup and maintain the IT infrastructure.

ITG under its business model generate revenue by undertaking works of IT infrastructure under IT facility management services wherein it provides various type of IT services to the Government Department/Organization/Institutions, Corporations/ Autonomous Bodies throughout the state of Goa.

Various Government Departments and Organisations have been acquiring IT Infrastructure as a part of e-Governance. ITG has been assisting the Government Departments and other Autonomous Bodies of the Government of Goa in setup and creation of IT Infrastructure in their respective offices. As per the requirements of the client all the necessary types of IT Infrastructure (Hardware, Software and Digitalization etc.) are supplied, commissioned and maintained by ITG.

Cloud computing offers Government Organizations more flexibility than traditional IT infrastructures. With a cloud service provider (CSP), there are no more worries about limited resources, buying and housing servers and hardware, updating software, or data protection. Using the cloud makes it easy to add and change services without the hassle of adding or removing digital space.

Government requires massive infrastructure, it is important for Government to use cloud computing on a long-term basis. As of date, there are more requirements about cloud service solutions seen coming from various Government Organizations in order to facilitate easier and quicker implementation of various projects/ initiatives.

In order to cater for this requirement, M/s ITG after following codal formalities has engaged Meity empanelled CSPs for providing cloud services solutions for various Government Organizations in the State of Goa. Tender no.: ITG-IT/0765/EMP-CSP/2021 dated 08.02.2021

Name of the work: Empanelment of Cloud Service Providers for various Government Organizations of Goa.

List of Empanelled Vendors for CSP's:

ITG Empanel CSP's Basic Cloud Services offering details Empanelment Validity till 24-05-2024
Sr. No. Cloud Service Provider STQC Audit Status MietY Validity
1 Cloudstrats Technologies Pvt Ltd(Microsoft) YES 12-09-2022
2 Cyfuture India Pvt Ltd YES 12-09-2022
3 ESDS Software Solution Pvt Ltd YES 17-09-2022
4 ITI Limited YES 25-02-2024
5 SISL Infotech Pvt Ltd(Microsoft) YES 12-09-2022
6 Web Werks India Pvt Ltd YES 17-09-2022

Letter for intimation to various Government Department can be downloaded from here.

Detailed Categorization for types of items for which bidder is empanelled is

Process for Availing Cloud Services
  • Department / Organization has to download the Requisition Form Annexure I and fill all the details like description of the item, subscription period, quantity, purchase cost location along with the preferred empanelled vendor for Cloud Services and forward the same to the Office of ITG with approval to place the purchase order.
  • Based on the approval received from the Department / Organization, ITG will place the purchase order as per the Requisition Form Annexure I.
  • Client Organization will release 1st quarter payment in advance so as to avoid delay in smooth implementation of the project.
  • NOTE: All orders should be placed on M/s. Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd. only. Client Organisations are not allowed / authorised to place the orders on the vendors directly.