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IT Policy:


1.1 Located on the western coast of India, the State of Goa, with an area of 3702 square kilometers and a population of 1.35 million, is one of the smaller States of the Union. The State is among the best-known destinations, not only for tourism but also increasingly for industry and commerce.

1.2 Goa was ranked at the top among the States and Union Territories on 12 key indicators relating to quality of life in the Report of National Commission on Population (2002). It was selected as the 'State of the States' in a survey conducted by the leading news magazine, India Today (May, 2003), and ranked the best amongst all the States in India in the categories of Education, Health, Infrastructure and Investment Scenario. In terms of social indicators such as literacy and infant mortality rate, Goa is among the top three States in the country. Eleventh Finance Commission ranked Goa as the Best Placed State in the country in terms of infrastructure facilities.

1.3 The State offers a high quality of life, both for people domiciled there and for those who make Goa their home for varying lengths of time. It has excellent infrastructure for education and health. It is well connected to metropolitan cities and centers of trade and commerce through road, rail, sea-routes as well as by air. The connections will improve further with the establishment of a new inter-national airport and widening of national highways.

1.4 With the highest per capita income in India, Goa is a prosperous State where different communities co-exist in complete harmony. The State is fiscally well managed and has a high rate of economic growth, among the highest in the country. With 55 percent of its Gross Domestic Product being contributed by the tertiary sector, and another 35 percent by the manufacturing sector, Goa is a modern and forward-looking State.

1.5 With the IT Software/ITES industry being eminently suited to Goa owing to its inherently non-polluting character and the fact that it makes only conservative-demands on precious resources such as land, electricity and water, the Government is keen to encourage the IT Software/ITES industry in the State in a big way. Goa is well placed to move towards being a knowledge society and a knowledge economy. The Government firmly believes that Information Technology is the key to the enhancing welfare of the citizens of Goa as IT can create employment opportunities for an increasing proportion of the population in a variety of diverse sectors.

1.6 Information Technology Policy is envisaged as 'living documents'. It is the intention of the Government to carry out necessary modifications in the documents to keep them updated keep pace with the changing demands.