Software Solutions

INFO TECH CORPORATION OF GOA LTD (ITG), an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, has been set up by the Government of Goa to promote overall growth of the State's economy through the use of Information Technology.

IT services/Software solutions has always been at everyone's top priority in the State Government to provide a strong technical foundation, to effectively serve the citizens and to create transparency, accountability and efficiency through computerization. IT can be a valuable tool for increasing work productivity. While every State Government Organization is trying their level best in minimizing on their paperwork.

With this objective, ITG has been providing various IT services to Government Departments/ Institutions/ Organizations in the State of Goa to realize goals of the Digital India Mission by assisting them to setup and maintain the IT infrastructure.

As there are more requirements/software solutions seen with various Clients Government organization in order to facilitate easier and quicker implementation of various projects/initiatives, M/s ITG after following codal formalities has empanelled agencies for providing software solutions for various Government Organizations in the State of Goa for a period of 3 years wherein M/s. ITG reserves rights to renew, extend or cancel the appointment of empanelment based on their performance.

Followings are the types of Jobs for which empanelment is sought by ITG.


Sr. No. Type of Jobs for which Empanelment is sought
1 General Software Development (website, application, etc.)
2 GIS Application Development
3 Mobile Application Development
4 Software Application Testing
5 Website testing for WCAG , GIGW, accessibility guidelines, W3C localization Standard compliance; Functionality and Load Testing
6 Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Warehouse and Data Mining/Analytics
7 Operation and Maintenance support of already developed applications
8 Social Media and related application development, Social Media Management in various Social Media Web series.
9 Technical Document / Content Writer
10 SaaS Solutions/Tools
Tender No.: ITG-IT/SW/0676/EMP-SOFT/2020 Dated:08/02/2021

Name of the work: Empanelment of agencies for software solution providers for various Government Organizations of Goa.

List of Empanelled Agencies:

The empanelment has been done in following four categories based on their annual sales turnover
CategotySales Turnover
Tier I Above 150 Lakhs
Tier II Above 50 Lakhs up to 100 Lakhs
Tier III Above 5 Lakhs up to 50 Lakhs
Tier IV Up to 5 Lakhs

Letter for intimation to various Government Department can be downloaded from here.

Procedure for placement of work order for various activities of providing software solutions
  • ITG is responsible only for empanelment of agencies under various Tiers and to get the work done from selected agency lies with the Client Organization. The State Government Organizations will approach ITG for any type of software development related works by submitting the duly filled Requisition form Annexure I
  • ITG will gather and prepare requirement document and then will invite closed quotations (by circulating scope document) among empanelled listed agencies of the specific Tiers based on the value of work, nature of work/ complexity involved. No General bid evaluation is required. ITG will clearly mention about the selection criteria where it will mention that agency will be selected based on L1.
  • Technical evaluation will be made on case to case bases depending on complexity of the Projects. The general guidelines for evaluation criteria are understanding the scope, presentation on detailed approach and methodology, past experience of agency, qualification and competence of key professional staff/Project team, experience in similar projects, etc.
  • Interested agencies will response to closed quotations to ITG. The agency may also submit technical compliance response, if ask for specifically.
  • The quotation of the agency shall be opened by the Evaluation Committee constituted along with Client Organization for finalization of the cost and the agency. If Technical compliance bid is asked, the quotation shall be opened only after Technical response bid evaluation.
  • Before commence of work, the agency shall submit 5% performance Bank Guarantee of the total value of the project (excluding taxes). ITG will define SLA & payment milestones for each website requirement & ensure compliance.
  • ITG will be the Monitoring Agency for the entire project period and will charge additional to Client Organization to the final project cost as consultancy fee/ administrative charges.
  • During this tenure, ITG will monitor the development from time to time and accordingly release the payment in parts, subject to receipt of funds from the Client Organisations and phase completion certificate issued by the Officials of the Client Organisations as per the format mentioned in Annexure II