INFO TECH CORPORATION OF GOA LTD (ITG), an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, has been set up by the Government of Goa to promote overall growth of the State's economy through the use of Information Technology. ITG under the administrative control of Department of Information Technology has been providing various IT services to Government Departments/ Institutions/ Organizations in the State of Goa to realize goals of the Digital India Mission by assisting them to setup and maintain the IT infrastructure.

Today, hundreds of people throng to particular Government departments to get copies of documents that are only available at those departments. The time wasted by our citizens in waiting for a simple document directly impacts the productivity of the state, and also over-burdens certain critical departments. The ability to decentralize such tasks will allow citizens to avail services closer to their homes and simultaneously spread the load across all the government departments and affiliated entities. Digitization of our documents is the first step in enabling an e-Governance revolution in the state.

Thus upon understanding the importance of Digitization in Government Sector, ITG intend to provide solution to digitize the documents, maps, records, bulletins, brochures, books etc. bringing onsite setup for scanning, digitization, archival and retrieval of scanned documents. An effort to Digitize/Microfilm/Microfich documents needs to be coordinated through a set of common guidelines that will allow all the information to be indexed and searched by a centralized system.

Digitization: Digitization of documents is a process by which a paper document is converted into a computer-readable digital image. The image is then subjected to a process called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert it into a text file that can be searched and manipulated using computers. There are two methods for converting an existing document into a digital copy. Either by entering data into software screens designed to generate digital document from a set of master data or through the process called Scanning. A combination of the two can also be employed if necessary. Different type of document will require different approach.

Microfilming: Is the process of recording in facsimile on photographic film, reduced so as to require optical assistance to be read, the intellectual content of the archival materials. The primary purpose of preservation microfilming is to provide replacements for materials written or printed on paper of poor quality, most likely that has already become brittle, so that the contents will continue to be available to the scholarly and research community forever. Microfilm store information in up to 90% less space than is required for the corresponding paper or copy.

Microfiching: Due to a variety of factors, paper-based collections will inevitably deteriorate over time. One way to ensure the long-term retention of archival records is to copy them to a more durable format. Microfiche has long been accepted by major collecting institutions as an effective, reliable reformatting method. Unlike the digital file formats which keep changing over a period of time, microfiche is estimated to have a life span of over 500 years if preserved well.

Legal Considerations: As per the IT Act 2000 digital document images are considered equivalent to their physical counterparts, however an appropriate process needs to be followed to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the document images. Digital signing of the scanned images in combination with saving the signature in a time-stamped database record is an appropriate method of ensuring the authenticity of the document.

As a matter of fact, ITG has already undertaken scanning of documents in-house using scanners and by employing Data Entry Operators. Thus there are some more requests from Government Organization which other allied features in addition to scanning.

In order to cater the massive requirement, ITG after carrying out codal formalities had floated the tender for carryout empanelment of reputed agencies/entrepreneurs for various activities of Digitization for Government Organizations in the State of Goa.

Tender No.: ITG-IT/0525/IT-DIGIT PROJ/2019

Name of the work: Empanelment of Agencies for Various Activities of Digitization for Government Organization

List of Empanelled Agencies for Digitization::
  • M/s. Aryan Imaging & Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. E Netspider India.
  • M/s. Goa Electronics Ltd.
  • M/s. Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Samvardhane Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with consortium partner M/s. Crats Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Tyrus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with consortium partner M/s. Clonect Solutions Private Ltd.

Specification of items and Empanelled Agencies for Digitization can be downloaded from here

Letter for intimation to various Government Department can be downloaded from here.

Process for Availing Services of Digitization
  • Client Organization has to download the Requisition form Annexure I and fill all the details and forward the same to office of ITG.
  • Based on the request received from the Client Organization, ITG will carry out inspection along with empanelled vendor and prepare the proposal and same will be forwarded to Client Organization for approval.
  • Based on the approval received from the Client Organization, ITG will place the purchase order as per the Requisition form Annexure IFurther ITG will also raise the bill on the Client Organization.
  • For large project, payments will be released in phase manner to agency, subject to receipt of funds from the Client Organisations and phase completion certificate issued by the Officials of the Client Organisations as per the format mentioned in Annexure II
  • Client Organisation will release payment on quarterly basis so as to avoid delay in smooth implementation of the project.
  • NOTE: All orders should be placed on M/s. Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd. only. Client Organisations are not allowed / authorised to place the orders on the vendors directly.