IT Division

The IT Division of ITG is headed by Manager(IT). All the activities/functions of the IT Division are performed through Managing Director. SCOPE -:

  • Management and coordination of all the IT project activities and operations.
  • Review of progress of IT projects undertaken by ITG
  • Software section responsible for various IT projects of Government Departments taken up by ITG also under e-governance, MMP, various Central/State Government Scheme etc.
  • Responsible for the all the activities related to the ICT Hardware, System Software, Networking for Government Departments, Corporations, Autonomous Bodies, etc taken up by ITG under e-Governance or IT facility management services, etc.
  • Carry out Inspection and certification of the ICT & Networking infrastructure installed various Government Departments, Corporations, Autonomous Bodies, etc by ITG.
  • To liaise with DOIT to sort all the Hardware and Networking related issues.
  • To liaise with other Government Organizations in respect of the projects undertaken by ITG.