Procurement of ICT Equipments

INFO TECH CORPORATION OF GOA LTD. (ITG), an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization, has been set up by the Government of Goa to promote overall growth of the state’s economy through the use of Information Technology. Government decided to entrust the work of development of infrastructure for IT Industry to this Corporation.

ITG under its business model generate revenue by undertaking works of IT infrastructure under IT facility management services wherein it provides various type of IT services to the Government Department/Organization/Institutions, Corporations/ Autonomous Bodies throughout the state of Goa. Further, Department of Information Technology (DOIT), Government of Goa has identified ITG as State Designated Agency for executing AMC of IT infrastructures for all Government Departments & organizations vide Circular no. 7(43)/2017-18/DoIT/SDA for Hardware Procurement/380 dated 15.06.2018. Being State Designated Agency for executing AMC of IT infrastructure for all Government Departments & organizations, ITG has been assisting the departments & organizations by providing support and service to the IT infrastructure present in the respective Departments & organizations.

In order to make the procurement process simple and also to provide a single place of assistance for supply of ICT equipments ITG had floated a tender for Empanelment of the vendors for supply, installation & commissioning of ICT Equipments to Government Department/Organization/Institution, Corporations/ Autonomous Bodies in the state of Goa.

Various Government Departments and organisations have been acquiring IT Infrastructure as a part of e-Governance ITG has been assisting the Government departments and other autonomous bodies of the Government of Goa in setup and creation of IT Infrastructure in their respective offices. As per the requirements of the client all the necessary types of IT Hardware Infrastructure are supplied, commissioned and maintained by ITG.

Tender No.: ITG-IT/0108/Emp& Proc-ICT/2017
Date: 26.09.2017

Name of the work:Empanelment of Vendors for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of ICT Equipment'sto Government Departments / Organizations / Institutions, Corporations/ Autonomous Bodies in the State of Goa.

Service Charges of ITG: @ 5%
GST on service charges of ITG: Calculation as applicable by the Govt.

Government of Goa has nominated ITG as SDA for procurement of all ICT equipments for all Government Departments, PSU and autonomous bodies.
Rates and Specifications of ICT equipment's along with the qualified empaneled vendor and Make.
Form to be attached to the covering letter (Annexure 1,2&3) for Procurement of ICT equipment's to the departments

List of Empaneled Vendors of the Procurement of ICT Equipment's:

1. M/s A S Enterprises
2. M/s Apex Computer & Engineering Services
3. M/s Delta Technologies
4. M/s J. P. Computer Services Pvt. Ltd
5. M/s Technoworld
6. M/s Syscon Automation
7. M/s Nupur Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
8. M/s Centaur Computer Technology Pvt. Ltd.
9. M/s Cyber Engineer
10. M/s. Amey Computers
11. M/s Techser Power Solutions (P) Ltd.
12. M/s Power Resources
13. M/s PC Station

Process for Procurement of ICT Equipment's

  1. Department / Organization has to download the Requisition form Annexure I and fill all the details like the required make & quantity for supply of ICT equipment(s) and forward the same to office of ITG with approval to place the purchase order.
  2. Based on the approval received from the Department/Organization, ITG will place the purchase order as per the Requisition form Annexure I. Simultaneously, office of ITG will also raise the bill on the Department/Organization.
  3. After supply and installation of ICT equipment(s) ITG will carry out the inspection and obtain the ICT Installation Certificate from the concerned Department/Organization as per the format mentioned in Annexure II.
  4. ITG will release the payments to the empaneled vendor only after receiving the same from the Department/Organization along with the following:
    1. ICT Installation Certificate as per Annexure II on Department/Organization letter head duly signed by authorized nodal officer
    2. Bill settlement letter from the concerned Department/Organization.

  5. NOTE: All orders should be placed on M/s. Infotech Corporation of Goa Ltd. only. Department / Organisations are not allowed / authorised to place the orders on the vendors directly.