SMS Gateway

As a first Step towards Mobile Governance, Government of Goa has taken A Mobile Governance initiative through Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd. for setting up of SMS Gateway

Today, digital communication has made a predominant mark in day to day life and many organizations have become increasingly dependent on mobile technology. Mobile phones now can be used to share the critical business related information quickly and in a secured way and also allow the users to have a quick status checks of pending items and this possible due to the invention of SMS gateway services which use mobile technology to exchange the information on a real time basis. One can now access various applications namely ticketing system, payroll, online reservations, attendance management system, file tracking system etc. from a mobile phone, at the convenience of the user.

Some of the features of the SMS gateway are:
  1. Vital information can be sent as text item in the form of SMS to mobile phones.
  2. The information that is sent to mobile phones as SMS is meant for authorized recipient only.
  3. One can also retrieve the information to phones as per needs like emails, company news, file status alerts of meeting schedules etc.
  4. Mobile technology can be leveraged as a planner with alerts on important engagements and is independent of the mobile service provider.
  5. Alerts on the mobile in the form of SMS like meeting schedules etc.
  6. Sharing the information on real time basis

ITG has integrated SMS into eServices provided to the citizens by various departments by integrating API with the eServices software.

The SMS alerts like receipt of application, shortfalls in the application and status of the application can be sent to the citizens from time to time in the form of SMS.